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Which Roulette Systems You Should Know

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The Martingale strategy is probably the most famous roulette system and promises the player guaranteed winnings without risk of loss. In this system, you bet on Simple Chances and try to recoup your losses by doubling your bets.


  • Betting on Simple Chances
  • After a loss, you double the amount you bet
  • If you win, you keep the prize and start again with your basic bet

Instructions and Example:

The Martingale strategy follows the assumption that if the payout for Simple Chances is 1:1, you can simply secure a profit equal to your base bet by offsetting the losses you have suffered with a doubling trick. This means that if you lose, you bet twice your base bet in the next step to still make a profit.

So, for example, if you bet €10 on red and this occurs, you will receive €10 as a profit. If black falls, you lose. Now Martingale comes into play. In the next round of play, bet €20 on Simple Chances. You will receive 40 € if you win. In both rounds you have bet a total of €30, but you still win €10.

If you lose again, you double your bet another time, so you bet 40 €. The total bet so far is now 70 € (10 €+20 €+40 €). If you guessed correctly, you now win 80 €. So your winnings are still 10 €.

This way of playing is certainly one of the simplest among all roulette strategies and sounds quite promising. However, you should definitely consider the risks before using the Martingale system.

Whether playing online roulette or in land-based casinos, there are always minimum and maximum table limits. Your gambling budget is also unlikely to be infinite. Now, should you have a negative streak and lose many rounds in a row, you will quickly reach the table or budget limit.

For example, with a starting stake of €10, you would have to bet €1,280 in a single round of play to make up for your losses if you lose 8 times in a row, which is not at all uncommon. In total, i.e. with the previous bets, you would therefore have to raise 2,550 € to compensate for the losses and make a plus of only 10 €.


The Paroli strategy, like Martingale, is a progressive betting system where you have to adjust your bets depending on the loss or profit. The Paroli system tries to exploit the weakness in Martingale and thereby create an advantage for the player. You always continue to play with your base bet and 1:1 winnings until you lose. Then you start again with your base bet.


  • Bet on Simple Chances
  • Choose a base stake
  • After each success, leave the stake and winnings on the table
  • If you win several times in a row, you will accumulate a large winning amount

Instructions and example:

Basically, the Paroli strategy works quite the same as the Martingale system, with the difference that you double your bet when you win. So you can grab big wins with a relatively small base bet and a good run.

For example, you play with a base bet of €10. Bet this on a single chance. If you lose, you start a new round of play with a base bet. If you are right, you win €10 and now have €20 on the table. You bet this again on a single chance.